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Grazz Masters Blog

Welcome to our first blog. We hope this can be informative and useful. I started the company back in January 2013. Not only did I want to grow a successful business, but I wanted to focus on great service. My interest came from my parents requiring me to do yard work. I soon found out that not only could I do a chore, but I could make extra money by cutting the neighbor’s yards. I decided before going off to college, cutting a few yards to make extra money would be a hobby and hopefully turn into a business. My younger sister helped pay for my first mower. Later on, in college, I had the opportunity to maintain some small apartment buildings. My friends recognized my skills and got me a job at a landscape company. After finishing college in 2012, I decided to go out on my own and focus on lawn and landscape maintenance. I saw a need in the residential market for a quality service provider, and now Grazz Masters has expanded into servicing commercial businesses. We handle bi-weekly mowing services for residential customers all the way up to handling high-end landscape of 50 acres. My team and I are fully committed to providing quality service and great customer service. We hope you find our blog useful and informative.

Summer 2017 Blog

Grazz Masters Memphis Mowing is ready to take care of your lawn for the Summer season!

The most common lawncare service for home owners and businesses is Grazz Masters mowing. Mowing services is how I started off. My parents made me do this as a child and honestly, I enjoyed it as a hobby. My hobby has now become my work, which I truly enjoy, but I do have moments that cause me to scratch my head. I started out with cutting only my parents yard, but now I have worked my way to having four crews and nearly 300 customers. We offer weekly and bi-weekly Memphis area mowing service and we always want to do the best job for our customers.  Many customers sign up with just the mowing service, but realize that they need more and add our commercial or residential bed maintenance service. Many customers start off with mowing and once Fall comes around, we end up doing a year-round lawn and landscape agreement to handle all the leaves that Memphis has to offer. Grazz Masters is always eager to serve more Memphis area customers. Contact Grazz Masters Now for a Free Estimate!

Memphis, Grazz Masters is ready to take care of your lawn for the Summer season!




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